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Rehome and Recycle Beauty Products with Glou Beauty Marketplace

PRESS RELEASE | August 9, 2022, Boston, MA 

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Glou Beauty announces membership with Pact Collective to create more circularity in the beauty industry by providing easier and more accessible recycling programs. With Glou Beauty’s new collection program, old and expired beauty products that are not suitable for rehoming at Glou Beauty Marketplace can be recovered, broken down and resold back to the beauty industry as raw materials to make new beauty products. 


“Sustainability for us at Glou Beauty is not just about diverting materials from landfill, or down-cycling, but about what we can do to create a net positive for the planet. Not just reducing our impact, but actively reversing it,” said Karen Lee, Founder and CEO of Glou Beauty. “While there are many recycling companies out there, Pact’s focus on beauty and circularity aligns perfectly with our core values.”


Beauty lovers can participate in the Glou Beauty Collection Program by mail, in person and on campus.


By Mail: Glou Beauty Marketplace is offering a mail-back collection program. Glou Beauty will cover the costs of shipping, sorting, and breaking apart the products down to their components (all done by hand).


In Person: Pact bins can be found at participating retailers across the US and Canada. Find a Pact bin near you.


On Campus: For post-secondary students with a passion for the beauty industry and sustainability, they can join the Glou Campus Ambassador Program to start a beauty collection program on their campus. In partnership with Pact, Glou Beauty sponsors a collection bin for campus ambassadors to manage, promote and raise awareness about beauty recycling and sustainability during the school year. Learn more about the Glou Campus Ambassador Program.


“We are delighted to welcome Glou Beauty as a Pact member as we work to close the loop on hard-to-recycle beauty packaging.” says Pact Program Director Carly Snider. “The more beauty industry stakeholders we have as members, the more we will be able to catalyze collaboration to reduce, recycle and drive towards circularity.”


As inflation rates reach an all time high and climate change continues to be a global threat, thrifting fits many conscious consumers’ style goals and their commitment to sustainability through supporting circular fashion and beauty. Glou Beauty’s one-of-a-kind structure is a uniquely environmentally-friendly option as it both minimizes waste and maximizes the useful life of a beauty product, while allowing consumers to shop different beauty brands and products at an accessible price point. Good for the planet, good for the wallet!



About Glou Beauty

Built by beauty lovers, for beauty lovers, Glou Beauty is a consumer-to-consumer marketplace that makes it easy for people to buy and sell makeup, skincare and beauty products. Founded by fellow beauty lover Karen Lee, Glou Beauty is setting the new standard when it comes to conscious beauty consumerism. Lee is on a mission to discourage hyperconsumption beyond just sustainable recycling and is taking her company one step further by advocating reduce and reuse. With zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products, people can enjoy a seamless shopping experience and feel good about the products they buy.  To learn more, visit Glou Beauty website.


About Pact Collective

Pact is a nonprofit collective working to reduce beauty and wellness packaging waste. As a collective for beauty, by beauty, Pact catalyzes collaboration across the industry and all of its stakeholders to reduce, recycle, and drive towards circularity. Through education, community, and packaging collection programs, Pact empowers the beauty and wellness industries to take responsibility for our impact and to make our packaging more sustainable. 

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