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Glossi-Yay or Glossi-Nay? A Glossier Review

Updated: May 9, 2023

I made a video about all the Glossier products I have and haven't liked over the years. I also review their latest drop, the Priming Moisturizer Balance.

I hope you enjoyed this video and that a balanced opinion helps you decide what products might be right for you. What I don’t want to do is convince you to buy anything you weren’t considering in the first place and perpetuate the idea that this brand is like, OMG the best thing ever they can do no wrong rah rah rah I love every single product. I always end up wanting the stuff in the videos I watch so I just want to mention this as a little reminder. :)

There are lots of alternatives out there. None of these products are so unique you can’t find something similar. A lot of it is about participating in this brand phenomenon, but these aren’t the best products of all time, you know what I’m saying? They don’t necessarily use the best ingredients possible - best for you or the environment - but they are working towards doing better, creating less waste etc. It’s important as consumers to tell them that we care about things like only using biodegradable glitter that doesn’t accumulate in our waterways as microplastics.

I meant to mention this in my intro, but I have kinda become less of a fan over the years. I’m not super pumped about new launches, I don’t buy the latest drop anymore. The culty-ness of the brand has kind of weirded me out and turned me off the brand because I think deifying of brands is a little problematic (the opposite of cancel culture, in a way?). It’s not a problem with the brand but the kinds of people it has attracted.

The experience that really turned me off was visiting their flagship in New York and seeing what kinds of customers showed up. I wasn’t surrounded by cool girl types, but rather vain mothers and their very young daughters. Like moms who think it’s okay to be like “oh honey, we need to start waxing your eye brows”. And lots of teeny boppers. I still don’t know how to articulate it but, visually seeing the kinds of customers who showed up, I just didn’t feel like I fit in or that the brand was for me?

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