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Kosas... I love you but, WTF is your shade range?

Updated: May 18, 2020

I have been waiting and waiting for the spring sale at Sephora to try the Kosas concealer I've been seeing everywhere on Instagram. Because their makeup is marketed as "makeup for skincare freaks"... it pretty much has my name written all over it.

It is really hard for me to find a perfect shade match for complexion products because many shades in the fair range often have cool undertones. However, I am fair with neutral undertones. All my products used to be too warm for me because I went with the shade the first East Asian model had. And when I go into the store for a shade matching, the sales people often assume that because I'm Asian I have yellow undertones.

And don't get me started on the naming convention for drug-store brands. WHY oh WHY is the undertone never on the label??? Am I shell, porcelain, ivory, birch, sand?!

I love a good concealer and there were three released this winter that I was dying to try - from Kosas, Hourglass, and Beauty Blender. I made myself pick only one and put my money on Kosas... The jury is out on whether or not I made the right decision. I sincerely love all three brands, and was rooting for Kosas to be *the one*, but I was kiinnddaaa hoping it was a little more like the Hourglass one (serum like, high-coverage). The only one I haven't tried now is the Beauty Blender one (their foundation is one of my all time faves, so I have high-hopes).

I was hoping for a lightweight concealer for the summer that I can just slap on under my eyes and in some spots and call her a day. My usual concealer is Glossier's Stretch Concealer because of it's ease of use and skin-like finish (not overly dewy or glowy), but I am between shades.

My biggest gripe with the Kosas one... the shade range. Look, I am by no means the palest person out there and the lightest shade is too warm and dark for me. I was originally set on purchasing shade 2 (described as porcelain with neutral undertones), which is the shade I have in the tinted face oil, but because of the reviews, I went a shade down.

Anyways, here are all the concealers I could fit on my arm. The pictures have a slightly different white balance.

Do you see how dark the Kosas lightest shade is?? The closest one to it is the Charlotte Tilbury one I bought because it was the first neutral toned concealer shade they had. I only wear it at my tannest in the summer because it's too dark.


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