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Meet HRH Glou Queen: Charlotte ✨👑✨

Updated: May 9, 2023

So, you may have heard, we're selling limited edition run of graphic tees that feature nine women. When I came up with the idea of celebrating some of the greatest female founders in the beauty industry, past, present, and future, I thought of each representative as a mini case study. Each one of them changed the industry in a fundamental way in such that their mark is still everywhere you look (or will be very soon). I hope you enjoy my blurbs about each of them, and will include links for you to learn more.


Daaah-lings. Today, let me introduce you to Charlotte Tilbury. She is not only one of our Glou Queens, she is the Glow Queen. No seriously, if you want to be so glowy you can be seen from space, you need to check out her products.

In her brand's lexicon, a word that comes up often is "magical". And the way she's bottled up the intangible of "celebrity"? That's the real magic. She brings you the red carpet right to you in your home with her range of user friendly products, many of which, she has named after her famous friends/clients. She herself has also made herself into a celebrity personality of sorts. She even has her own catch-phrase, "daaah-lings". But in her videos, she has this incredibly warm approach. You feel like you "know" her, like you "know" the famous faces that dot the tabloids.

I have been to countless department stores around the world. Every beauty hall is the same. Everyone's kiosks are more or less the same. Product, product, product. A shelving unit of lipsticks, foundations, whatever, all lined up one next to another. No one really breaks the mould.

When you step into a Charlotte Tilbury counter, you step into Charlotte's world. It's just full-on backstage Hollywood with a whole lot of art-deco. The lighting is inspired by those dressing room mirrors with the lights all around. Often times, I find there are curves to the counters, which stand out in contrast to the glossy black (sometimes white if they're really edgy), rectangular cubes of other high-end brands.

And then, you see faces. So many faces. She has 10 signature "looks". Which is honestly genius, because people get overwhelmed by choice! Show me how your stuff works together! Makeup is intimidating, especially for shoppers just dipping their toe in. No one shows you were to start. But Charlotte merchandises everything in a straightforward manner. You won't pick up one of her products and wonder how to use it. Her blushes tell you to "swish" colour from the outer circle, and "pop" a little bit of the bullseye on top. Her eye palettes tell you what order to put everything in.

For me, here's the thing about Charlotte. She's giving us Hollywood glamour, but in an incredibly approachable way. She's created an immersive brand experience, but has avoided making it intimidating.

Here are some links to learn more:

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