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No Regrets! Best Purchases of 2019!

I love shopping, but not everything always works out and stands the test of time. These purchases are the TAKE MY MONEY kinds of purchases that I am so enthusiastic about I want to shout it from the rooftop (or you know, the Internet). Here are some brief reviews on my favourite purchases of 2019.

Thank goodness for pet insurance because my puppy had to go for a couple of root canals at the doggy dentist at the beginning of the year. I always want to afford the best care for my best friend and wouldn't be able to do it without insurance.

I don't know when premium denim got SO expensive, but I scoffed at the price on these jeans the first time I saw them in 2018. I have tried ALL the premium denim brands that are sold in department stores and no jeans have every compared to these. I have never felt so strongly about a pair of pants. I don't even like wearing pants. I'm known for calling them leg prisons. These are no joke, life changing.

These Weekender style jeans are a thick substantial denim (I like a jean-ier jean than the popular Paige ones, which to me are like pajama pants that look like denim), but with so much stretch that doesn't bag out. I don't have any kind of flared/boot-cut jeans so I decided to splurge on these. And holy mother of pearl, they hug me all right, and make my legs and bum look amazing. These are magic pants.

I loved this style of jeans so much I bought a pair of skinny jeans as well. (Bought them pre-loved because these jeans are literally $300 in Canada and I couldn't get them with my employee discount at Anthropologie because my store didn't have the skinny style). Have you ever tried to squat in a pair of skinny jeans (true denim jeans, not jeggings)? No! Of course not! It's nearly impossible. You might as well tie a couple tourniquets around your legs and call it a day. Well, Mother is not into making leg corsets. Freedom to my legs!

Mother is still an indie denim brand that requires you to hop to a few stores before you find it, but gosh darn it... They've made me a convert.

Sleeping masks came out of nowhere and suddenly everyone needed one. What happened to the good old night cream? Beauty industry decided they needed to update the category to sound younger, cooler, and less like a product for boomers?

I tried the ever popular and ubiquitous Laneige sleeping mask and hated it. It felt like a layer of saran wrap on my face. Because I love everything YTTP comes out with, I decided to give this rich cream a try. That's what it is. A rich night cream. I know that I'm a shopaholic with too many beauty products to count, but I really am a skeptic when it comes to marketing claims. But you guyyssss, I wake up with bouncy, super hydrated, glowy skin when I wake up after using this stuff. It's not overly oily, mask-like, or heavy at all. It just sinks in and gets to work.

I have deep acne scarring on my cheeks that get pronounced if my skin is dehydrated, and when I wake up, those depressions are gone. So yes, very, very hydrating. It also sets my face up for a good makeup day, so I'm a fan forever. This stuff is legit.

Apple Macbook Pro $$$$$

So my last Macbook had been in use for more than 7 years. SEVEN. Years. It's still working great if you don't need to browse the Internet... Which I kind of need to do my job... But you know what? I am an Apple lemming. I am the eco-system. But to me, it's worth it because of the amazing customer service, and the longevity of their products. I hate throwaway culture, so I much rather invest in something that will last. I am not replacing these machines every 2 or 3 years. These are being replaced when they become museum pieces.

I know how crazy this sounds, but I bought FIVE of these blankets. After gifting it as a wedding gift my girlfriends have gone back for a second one because husbands do not want to share. Friends, there are some pretty soft blankets out there. But this is the KING of them all. It's weighty, SO soft, and Oeko-Tex certified (manufacturing of faux furs and faux leathers out there are TERRIBLE for the environment, so this is a huge plus for me).

I have never felt a more luxe blanket. It's a big, fuzzy, hug, and worth every penny.

Friendship Tour

I have so many friends located all over the world mostly from grad school, but also friends from home that have moved away for school/jobs. The best thing I did was save up for a lil Euro trip. I visited friends in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany, and honestly, time with good people, is always money well spent. I also find it really grounding to reconnect with old friends, so setting aside the time to visit them wherever they may be is essential and a high priority of mine.


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