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We are now Glou.Co!

Updated: May 9, 2023

Hello friends new and old,

We have rebranded! The marketplace site can be found under

I just never felt that S//S could stand on its own as a brand that would encompass all that I had envisioned. I want this to be so much bigger than just a marketplace. And so, I've landed on Glou.

In cursive, it looks like "glow" which is a word associated with the beauty industry. See?

Whether you have been with us since Sub Swaps, S//S Beauty Market, or joining now in our new Glou phase, THANK YOU. Building out this dream of mine feels like running a marathon. And every time someone signs up, throws us a like or follow, it means a lot to me.

My next step is to raise money from investors. So in the meantime, to keep up with operating expenses, I collaborated with my friend Alejandra Macouzet, to create a graphic tee that celebrates some of the most influential female founders in beauty who represent the past, present, and future of the industry.

If you'd like to support Glou, order the limited edition graphic tee. Other ways you can support us is by sharing! Share this post, our Instagram, and the link to

See you around!



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