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A typographic that reads: Reduce, buy less > Reuse, rehome > Recycle, repurpose with the GLOU logo below

Latest Glou Beauty News

A new Boston-based, 10-week fellowship program developed in partnership between the Barr Foundation and Visible Hands, VHBOS provides Glou Beauty with support needed for the next major milestone. Read more →

Techstars and J.P. Morgan's commitment to supporting inclusive accelerators create opportunities for Glou Beauty and other diverse, early-stage companies. Read more →

With the support of AWS, Glou Beauty will accelerate its development pipeline. Read more →

Glou Beauty announces membership with Pact Collective to create more circularity in the beauty industry by providing easier and more accessible recycling programs. Read more →

A consumer-to-consumer marketplace for giving beauty products a new life. conscious.

Read more →

A marketplace for conscious consumers to regime underloved makeup, skincare and beauty products. Read more →

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