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shopping: How it works

The best, most beautiful marketplace shopping experience ever. 


Glou gives you an easy breakdown of all the makeup, skincare and beauty items in your cart and the associated shipping costs. You only pay shipping once per seller per order.

Single Cart

As many beauty items as you like, from as many sellers as you like, all in one place!

Drag & Drop to save for later:

Sometimes we like to play with our cart totals while we decide what we really "need", so we've made it easy to do just this!

New users:

You don't need an account to shop Glou, but you will need to make one upon checkout.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 8.06.31 PM.png


Each seller sets their own shipping rate that applies to each order. So whether you buy one or ten or twenty items, you pay the same fee - make the most of this by going through a seller's profile to see what other skin care, makeup and beauty items you can rehome.

Flat Rate

Finding Seller Profile on Product Page

Glou Marketplace product page with red line highlighting "Seller Profile".

Finding Seller Profile on Product Listing Page

Glou Marketplace product listing page with red line highlighting the button to see "Seller Profile".


Never miss out from new listings from your favorite sellers, or on a specific beauty product you're on the hunt for. You'll be able to shop these items from your favorites page.

Fave Following

Favorite Products

Glou Marketplace product listing page with red line highlighting "ADD TO FAVORITES" so that buyers can easily shop these beauty items from their favorites page.

Follow Sellers

Glou Marketplace Seller Profile Page with red line highlighting "FOLLOW SERLLER", along with photo of the seller and the makeup, skincare and beauty items listed from this Glou seller.

Your Personalized Favorites and Following Page

A red square highlighting a heart icon, showing where you can view your personalized favorites and following page on Glou Marketplace.
The "Favorites and Following" page display on Glou, featuring details on the sellers and their recently listed makeup, skincare and beauty products.


Yahoo! Your goodies have just been delivered. Don't forget to accept your order so the seller knows you've received everything.

Accept Order

Dashboard: Purchase History

View/Manage Order:

"Accept Order" button is at the bottom of the order details page.

Rate Your Seller:

Don't forget to leave a review on the seller by clicking on the stars. Honest reviews help make the Glou community better.

Dashboard of Glou shopper's account. Under "My Purchases", red lines highlighted the buttons "Purchase History" and "View/Manage".
Glou Marketplace's order page, with red line highlighting the "Accept Order" button.
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