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testimonials & customer reviews

Our fellow beauty lovers not only share our vision, they also love Glou Beauty Marketplace as much as we do. Your feedback and support means the world to us!

😍  “ I found you and Glou last week and had one of those mind-blown moments. I’ve been obsessed with finding a solution for the clutter caused by being makeup obsessed...your website and philosophy hit home for me.  — Sandra

😍  “ I can’t wait to be able to share this with all my beauty lovers because I think this is so very needed right now, especially the high fees (from other platforms) ...and there is so much work involved in just getting listings up, not even including the sharing and marketing basically just to get sales.  — Miranda

😍  “ I’m blown away at how well you gave attention to the ease of use with site, sellers, and buyers. — Lindsey

😍  “ I ordered 2 new and 2 “swatched” items (Personally, I don’t mind using an opened hair product or cleanser). I’m happy to report, all of the items arrived in great condition, and I was super happy to snag several things I’ve been wanting to try for a deep discount, and only $5 shipping. I’d definitely order again!   — Heather

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