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fastest seller experience ever.

You're destashing.

You want to rehome your unloved makeup, skincare and beauty products.

Perhaps sell some of it.

But, creating listings for all 80 of your items? 
Psshh, ain't nobody got time for that! 

On Glou, you'll be able to bulk upload pictures of your makeup, skincare and beauty products, and we'll take care of the rest.

Your stash will then be available for everyone to shop.

Just let us know what the product condition and selling price is.

why you'll love selling with us:

  • Low and transparent fees (10% fees)

  • You set your shipping rate for buyers (but, still enjoy discounted shipping via the seller dashboard)

  • Bulk listings. 30 listings in 3 minutes? Yup. 

  • Personalized seller profile link to share ( 

  • Easy payouts 

your first stop beauty shop.

Before you buy new makeup, skincare or other beauty products, you want to see what's already out there...ideally at super sale prices. 

so you check all the marketplace sites. 

except, where do you even go? 

And if you find what you want...
...can you trust the seller? the product authentic?

We're like,

the anti-marketplace marketplace.

We hate the usual "marketplace" experience. Ugly, utilitarian, ads everywhere, overwhelming, sketchy listings, fake products.​

We have a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products. We wanna see the receipts! Sellers will be incentivized to upload their proof-of-purchase, so you can shop with peace of mind. (This feature is coming soon!)


Get ready for a seamless, 

sustainable shopping experience.


why you'll love shopping with us:

  • Approved listings from verified sellers

  • Flat-rate shipping per seller

  • Single-cart checkout

  • Follow your favorite sellers / Favorite your favorite products 

  • Easily find exactly what you're looking for and compare prices

  • All purchases are backed by our 110% money-back Glou Guarantee

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