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Beauty Resale: Glou vs Poshmark vs Mercari vs Facebook vs eBay Quick Comparison

Updated: Jan 25

Buying and selling beauty products on marketplaces: Which is better?

Navigating the world of peer to peer (P2P) marketplaces AKA consumer to consumer (C2C) marketplaces can be tough. There's only one such marketplace dedicated to making beauty resale faster, cheaper, and safer - but Glou might not be right for you. Here is a quick comparison guide with how the most popular places to buy and sell beauty products stack up.







Customer Service

You will always reach a real person.

We don't side with either the buyer or seller. We treat every case separately.

You will eventually reach a real person

You might eventually reach a real person

Welcome to the Wild West

Do you like playing hot potato where you are the potato?


Zero tolerance for counterfeits.

Checks and balances in place to prevent counterfeits.

Authentication for fashion only.




(But, seriously, it's bad out there)

Buyer protection

110% money-back Glou Guarantee

Yup. Get a refund plus 10% in store credit. We really want you to have a positive experience.

You're gonna go through the very painful process of submitting a claim with Paypal.

Seller Reviews

Easily find seller reviews within the seller's profile

Real reviews hidden within seller profile

Lots of automated reviews (every transaction defaults into a 5 star rating)


Hard to find reviews


Flat-rate shipping set by the Seller.

One-cart checkout means that you pay one shipping fee no matter your order size.

Or, Free Shipping through referral program.*

$7.97 (at time of writing)

Up to the seller and shipping is per item.

Up to the seller and shipping is per item.

Up to the seller and shipping is per item.


Seller Fees


20% or $2.95 for sales under $15

10% of selling price + 2.9% transaction fee + $0.30

3%(ish) transaction fee via Paypal G&S

13.25% plus $0.30 per item

Listing Creation

Minimal effort. Always.

- Snap pics of everything you want to sell

- Bulk upload

- Price? Condition?

That's it! Our AI does the rest.

3-5 minutes per product

3-5 minutes per product

Uploading your stuff and sharing with a group is easy!

Managing your sales... you're on your own

3-5 minutes per product


Seller sets a flat-rate shipping fee for all orders.

Easily buy discounted labels at cost through your seller dashboard.

Covered by Glou if a Free Shipping Credit is redeemed. (Tips below)

Set by Poshmark.




Read more about what makes Glou special by reading this article written by our Founder and CEO, Karen.

The post goes in depth into how Glou saves you money, time, and makes beauty resale transactions safer with technology.

It also answers your questions about hygiene, product traceability, authentication, and our efforts into helping you make more money, and save more money.

*Glou's Free Shipping referral program.

Invite anyone to join Glou using your unique referral link (found in your account dashboard). You'll be giving them one Free Shipping Credit to use towards a purchase. And when they make that purchase? YOU get a Free Shipping credit.

Claim your first Free Shipping Credit by signing up now! (← that's a special link)

How Sellers can hack Glou's Free Shipping program:

- List your stuff on Glou - Share your unique seller profile link everywhere so people can browse your sweet stash

- Put your referral link in your bio, so that people sign up using that link

- BOOM. You're no longer covering shipping costs. The buyer isn't covering shipping costs. EVERYONE WINS! (Except Glou, someone's gotta pick up the tab, but we're good with that.)

How to get banned from Glou's Free Shipping program: - By referring yourself via different email addresses.

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