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Is Bum Bum Worth the Hype?

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Well, if you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain... it has nothing to do with either of those things. Also, who actually likes getting caught in the rain? I certainly don't. But I do love ma BOOM BOOM. (How they pronounce bum bum in Brazil). I want to chuck these little orange pots of awesome at everyone down the street (in a nice way?).

I've been using the stuff for a while, but I didn't hear about it through a blogger or influencer. I got it in a Sephora Favorites travel kit and loved the smell. I ultimately bought it because I saw a deal (at the time it was like 3 minis for $50 or something). The stuff is $45 for 8 oz (240mL), $20 for 2.5 oz (75mL), or $10 for a teeny tiny 0.84oz (25mL). It's not cheap.

So what is there to love about it?

The scent!

The scent is STRONG. Fragrance is actually listed as the 6th ingredient. Usually, I'm super picky about scents and despise anything that smells like "you're on vacation" because I'm not a big fan of coconut scents. But this...this smells like Adriana Lima's bum bum. Or as Sol de Janeiro describes as "pistachio caramel". The cream also contains mica so you can glow like a Brazilian bum bum as well. The mica is truly microscopic so no one has to worry about glittering at your desk at work. Someone would literally have to put their eyeball within 3 inches of your skin to be close enough to see the sparkles anyway.

My mom haaateess the scent. I'll walk out of the shower and she'll go "what is that stench?" So if the strong scent isn't your thing, this is not for you.

(The new Coco Cabana (turquoise tub) has an even stronger scent that lasted through washing my hands, doing the dishes, a shower, and into the next day. You need to be committed. The scent also reminds me of popcorn. Idk why.)

I put this on before bed, so that my sheets smell like the signature Cheirosa ‘62 scent.

Non-greasy hydration!

The thing I love most about this cream is that it doesn't leave a greasy texture or even a mild sheen behind. My shea butter products are great but I do feel like I'm covered in a layer of butter... (Sorry, L'Ocittane! I still love you!)

What's in it / What's not in it

It's worth mentioning that the key ingredient in this stuff is guarana. This fruit of this Amazonian plant contains a lot of caffeine. Caffeine is an awesome ingredient to have in skincare (body, face, bum bum) because it acts like an anti-oxidant in addition to stimulating your skin to tighten. Basically, it perks your skin up, like it perks your brain up when you drink coffee. Awesome!

I'm trying to be more ingredient conscious about the products I purchase and will re-purchase. This cream is vegan, and doesn't contain propylene glycol, synthetic colors, PEGs, or petrolatum. Yay for animal and earth friendliness.

There is only one other body cream I LOVE this much, but it's only available in France... Even though my beloved Le Petit Marseillais olive and almond cream is only 3 Euros, there's also the added cost of a ticket to Paris...

Literally the only downside to this is that my dog loves licking it off me...


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