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Meet HRH Glou Queen: Bobbi ✨👑✨

Updated: May 9, 2023

So, you may have heard, we're selling limited edition run of graphic tees that feature nine women. When I came up with the idea of celebrating some of the greatest female founders in the beauty industry, past, present, and future, I thought of each representative as a mini case study. Each one of them changed the industry in a fundamental way in such that their mark is still everywhere you look (or will be very soon). I hope you enjoy my blurbs about each of them, and will include links for you to learn more.


I can't remember what magazine I was reading that was interviewing Bobbi Brown, but the gist of it was, you just gotta do it. If it doesn't work, do it again, but differently. She's such a go-getter and someone who makes 👏 things 👏 happen👏.

Everyone now can find their perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade. No-makeup makeup is probably the most popular look I see around me. But this all started with Bobbi Brown. So when you think 80s makeup, we had big, B.O.L.D. looks. Makeup was loud. Bobbi Brown created a small batch of lipsticks that she felt were missing on the market. They were MLBB colours, with a bold pink and a couple reds thrown in there.

For her it was all about enhancing what yo momma gave you and that idea has really stuck around. As a makeup artist she was amazing at making you look like...well, you. And in bigger is better is louder kind of industry, standing out for pulling back? Now that is something. She made makeup approachable for the every day woman - for those of us who just want to look more "awake", or feel a little more confident in our own skin.

Learn more:

I love her interview with Guy Raz on the How I Built This podcast. If you have a commute coming up, pop it into your playlist. It's a cool story about how she went through the start-up phase, and how the company (and her relationship with it) changed through the years after it was acquired by Estee Lauder Companies.

Next up: Marcia Kilgore


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