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When you fall in love with the wrong person (product) on a group date

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Products from Herbivore Botanicals have been hit or miss for me. I've just had one too many products go bad on me. Too many preservatives are no good, but not enough preservatives is just as bad, if not worse. My favourite products of theirs are their facial oils.

I decided to give their body products a go and I was blown away. I bought myself this Herbivore kit for Valentine's Day because I love their jasmine scented products (the Orchid Facial Oil and Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner) and wanted to try their Jasmine Body Oil. I gotta give love to the skin on the rest of my body like I do my face.

Since I bought the kit for the oil, I did not expect to fall in love with the Crushed Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish.* It is also jasmine scented, and comes in my favourite colour. I hadn't really given it much thought up until this point because the marketing emphasizes the amethyst dust for it's good vibes or whatever and, since the brand has decided to embrace the whole healing crystals trend, they've lost me a little bit. (But seriously, literally, everything is constantly in motion and vibrating, even my very solid metal computer and the solid wood table it sits upon. I don't get how crystals are different...)

I thought a body scrub was a body scrub was a body scrub. They're all just a gritty sugar/salt situation that you scratch all over your body and rinse off. I've tried high-end and low-end ones and have never had the urge to want to use more after the first time... until now!

I guess what was missing was the hydration factor. The Crushed Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish has oil in it, so once you rinse it off it leaves behind the perfect amount of oil. So once you step out of the shower, you can pat yourself dry and be good to go. Did I mention how nice it smells?? And how soft it has left my skin???

(Side note: Love body oils? I love this in-shower oil bar thing from Lush., but it only lasts a few uses, so it's a "treat yo-self" purchase.)

Just wanted to share this little discovery of mine because my current bed partner doesn't appreciate soft, silky skin... she's only interested in belly rubs. 😒

*The Rose body polish is great too. I just like the Amethyst one a little more.


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