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10 Reasons why selling/buying on FB sucks

First off, I love the community and social interactions behind buy/sell/trade Facebook groups. However... as a peer-to-peer marketplace... FB leaves a lot to be desired.

As the seller....

1. The time your post goes up determines who sees it, how many people see it, and whether or not you'll be successful, but 99% of the time it's not in your control because you need to wait for an admin to approve your post.

2. Sometimes someone will claim an item but then never get back to you.

3. People don't pay their invoices right away.

4. Your post drops off their radar and your stuff doesn't get sold.

5. You have to post across many groups to get enough eyeballs on your stuff... and then you have to update all those posts as stuff sells.

As the buyer:

7. Listings are never consistent and you have to ask the OP a bunch of questions.

8. Sometimes your request to purchase doesn't get answered for days (personally, someone once got back to me after three weeks...)

9. You have to constantly monitor FB to find what you want.

10. In order to find what you want, you have to be constantly monitoring FB.

Did I miss anything? What are you personal gripes about the process?


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