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4 Underrated Beauty YouTubers to Watch

Who are you watching on YouTube these days? Here's who I've been watching lately. They all have fewer than 500K subscribers. I love watching channels that don't have the big production feel of YouTubers with millions of subscribers. It harkens back to the day of YouTube ten years ago, when it was a space that felt approachable and had the more intimate feeling of just sitting down with a friend. Real life isn't 4K HD with perfect lighting, sponsored by Brand X. Also, ring lights make people look like aliens with weird irises... just me?

Renee is my skin QUEEN. She knows about every skincare product out there it seems like. Every budget, any question you might have, Renee is your girl.

I love Caroline's humour. She knows all the ins and outs of the beauty industry and really knows her stuff. Her videos are on the longer side, but somehow I watch every single minute of it and it feels like 30 seconds.

The British royals call on her to do their wedding makeup. 'Nuff said.

She has a very unique birds-eye-view series of product reviews. Her videos feel like IG #shelfies, but in video format.


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