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Mercari Policy Changes: Why Beauty Resale Enthusiasts Will LOVE Glou Marketplace

Updated: Mar 29

Recent policy changes on Mercari have sparked concern among beauty resale buyers and sellers. The new policy change includes:

  • no more seller fees - instead the buyer pays the premium

  • buyers can return their purchase for any reason

While Mercari has been a popular platform for buying and selling pre-owned beauty products, the new policy shift may impact the ease and safety of transactions.

This is concerning for beauty resale buyers and sellers because:

  • opens up the door to return fraud as buyers can return opened and used products

  • lowers the barrier to entry for scammers selling fake products

However, there's good news for those seeking an alternative platform: Glou Beauty Marketplace. Glou Marketplace distinguishes itself by prioritizing the needs of beauty resale enthusiasts. With a focus on fostering a safe and seamless buy and sell platform, Glou offers several advantages over Mercari.

Beauty resellers and buyers will love Glou because:

  • 110% money-back guarantee for buyers

  • Focus on premium beauty brands and products

  • Customer care and help from real human beings

  • Verified products and sellers through our AI-powered backend

  • Low fees and no hidden fees (10% commission to keep our site running and that's it)

  • Automated and standardized listing creation (upload pictures, price, and condition - that's it)

  • Free shipping when you refer a friend

We do want to note that Glou is a small startup and while our user experience is always a work in progress, we are here to listen to our customers. Our promise is that you will always be able to reach a real human being. We do not favor buyers or sellers, but look at each case individually. Beauty resale is a tricky space and we are here to make these transactions faster, cheaper, and safer for all beauty lovers.

While we are small we've been vetted and backed by some of the biggest names in tech, startups, and beauty including AWS Startups, Techstars, and Cosmopolitan.

A side by side comparison of how Glou Beauty stacks against other players: Glambot, depot, Mercari and Postmark.

Read the Cosmo feature and how Glou stacks up against the biggest players in the industry.

While Mercari's policy changes may pose challenges for beauty resale participants, Glou Marketplace stands out as a promising alternative, offering a secure and user-friendly platform tailored to the needs of beauty enthusiasts.

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3 members of the Glou team standing behind a display of beauty products and a banner that reads: Turn your stash into cash today. Glou, the first AI-powered marketplace for beauty products."

Team Glou in action!


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