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Back to School Makeup According to High School Me

As we are now officially in the back-to-school season, I remembered my early days with makeup, back in high-school. The name of the game was primarily the concealment of spots, and not having raccoon eyes by the end of the day.

There were more mistakes made than hacks discovered, but I really made the best of what I had. Makeup was not just daunting, but expensive. I truly didn’t venture outside of finger-application-only makeup until a year ago? Ish?

The only real makeup I had spent money on was a concealer and a waterproof mascara, which would be replaced only when they were completely depleted. The rest of it came from Estée Lauder gift with purchases that my mom passed down to me.

I had one palm sized eye shadow palette and I would swipe some on with my pinky finger.

Don’t forget to save that old, flakey mini mascara tube to keep those brows in place.

And since your whole face is covered in concealer, on a special occasion, you know, like a school dance, you might put a little bit of lipstick on your cheeks to bring some colour back.

100% this is the makeup I wore for graduation.

Anyways, were you more makeup savvy in high school than I was? What were your go-to products?


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