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Black Owned Beauty Companies

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

There are many black-owned beauty companies which during this time, we should all be supporting. Below is a list and small description of some black-owned beauty companies. 

Foxie cosmetics- Kayla Phillps started this vegan cosmetics line with a small range of colorful bath bombs, shower gels, solid perfumes, face masks, shampoos, and more. Everything is handmade by Phillps in her Nashville outpost.

Pholk- Inspired by practices of people in Africa, Pholk has created a vegan skin and body care line.

Form- Form is a customizable hair care for women of all ethnic backgrounds, the collection offers shampoos, conditioners, stylers, and finishing pomade.

Lauren Napier Beauty- Refreshing face wipes that come individually packaged they also are recyclable. These wipes don't just remove makeup they infuse your skin with water, aloe,  extracts of chamomile, and cumber. The packaging is perfect to travel with or long days.

KNC Beauty- this is an all natural collagen infused lip mask and a retinol infused eye mask, your lips will always be soft and plump. Kristen Noel Crawley launched this branch two years ago and is already stocked at luxe beauty stores like Net-a-Porter.

Epara- Founder Ozohu Adoh created the U.K. based line in 2017 and is now available in the U.S. To treat a skin care corner she was having. There main focus was hydration and dissolving pigmentation.

Briogeo - Nancy Twine was fed up with the large natural hair care brands so she started Briogeo in her kitchen. They are all food-grade ingredients aimed to treat your hair how you treat your skin.

Beauty Bakerie - These amazing smudge-free lipsticks started in 2014 and have made huge headlines and have caught the attention of big names like Cardi B and Gabby Douglas. The brand also made headlines in 2018 for numbering its foundations and powder from darkest to lighted and then had glossier followits lead.

Mented Cosmetics - Mented is short for pigmented which is shown through their incredibly creamy lipsticks, brow pencils, foundations, and blushes. The brand caters to a range of skin tones but promises to put women of colour first.

Base Butter - They make one product and they have it mastered. Their Radiate Face Jelly is an aloe moisturizer perfect for any skin type that helps to boost elasticity, regulate oil, and kill acne-causing bacteria.

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