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Buying/Selling Makeup During COVID-19

Disclaimer: As always, Glou Marketplace is a platform for beauty lovers to connect and transact. All information below are suggestions and transactions are at your own risk. We believe that buying new products from other people creates less waste, by creating less demand for new product. It is also an affordable way to try new products without committing to the full retail price, and is safer than using testers in stores.

These days I am rationing the last bit of my favorite makeup products that I can’t live without. During this time I have realized more than ever that I have so much unloved makeup, it hurts me to see all this makeup not being used. I miss going out to browse and buy products in the stores and it's crazy to think about how beauty buying will be changed. 

As I am running to the end of my products I have been searching online to order more, and I found a trend of products being sold out. The big brand websites are selling out of all my FAV products. I have now been turning to the world of buying and selling from other beauty lovers. I think everyone has the same idea of cleaning out their beauty collection, so there are so many amazing deals on unused or lightly used products. 

I was a bit nervous about receiving products from people I don’t know especially during COVID. However, there is a safe way to go about it. When you receive your product it is very important to sanitize all the packaging and wipe off everything you can. As for the inside of your products, studies have shown that leaving your products untouched for several days, will ensure that they are safe for use. 

Anything that can be, you should sanitize. Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle is a great way to clean the outside of your products. 

The process is so worth it to receive products you love and the amazing thing about Glou Marketplace is that it offers a money-back guarantee if the product you receive does not match the product you bought. Also, keep in mind to sanitize your beauty products at home in case you have been exposed to COVID-19, it is always good to take extra measures. Products take days or weeks to ship which is longer than the virus can survive on a surface, one risk is the mail courier so you should still act with caution and sanitize your package. Don’t let COVID stop you from updating your collection. 

I definitely recommend looking into our beauty marketplace where amazing products are being sold for amazing prices. Everyone is getting rid of their surplus products so you can find just about anything. Using Glou Marketplace has created a purchasing experience just as easy as a big brand website, it also avoids the complications of doing a transaction through other selling platforms or social media. Check out how easy it is yourself. 


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