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Confessions: My summer flings of 2019

Updated: May 9, 2023

Confessions is a series where I explore the emotional relationships we have with our beauty products.

Ah, summer. We're half way through. When's a better time to spend some quality time outside with a pretty new thing? It's okay if they're nothing of real substance, 'cause come the end of summer...

Oh, but how could I resist not taking this one out for a spin? It even comes with a surf board. This stuff makes me shine like Edward Cullen and smell like a Brazilian bum bum. Would I trust it, when and where it matters? Eh, not really. I would definitely reach for a mineral heavy hitter if I was to spend any serious time in the sun, but this one... this one is just so preettyyyy.

This is the height of skintertainment people. It's just so fun. This summer fling is one I actually might call up again next summer...

I'm allergic to most scents, so I only wear them on occasion, like when I feel like I want to smell like a rich bish. Needless to say I am not about to drop my entire paycheque on this (because tbh, I'm a broke bish), thus solidifying this one's status as a summer fling.

Sample 👏Me 👏Up 👏.


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