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Easy, Effortless, Green, Clean Makeup for Beginners

Updated: May 9, 2023

For the conscientious makeup rookie, here are some of my top recommendations to get you started for an everyday no-makeup, make-up look. Everything I’ve included does not require any tools. Just your fingers! (In fact, works best with fingers).


This is a low coverage foundation, which just smooths out your skin tone. I find it holds up very well without any primer/setting (I want to keep it simple for you). Don’t be afraid of putting oil on your face because often times, excessive oil production comes from your skin overcompensating for dryness.

Budget option/dupe:

I’ve been wearing Sephora's Tinted Moisturizer a lot lately (like today). I wear shade 2 and darken it up with a dab of Drunk Elephant's D-Bronzi. D-bronzi is actually great on its on as well. It’s a skincare/colour hybrid product. I find on “no makeup” days, I can wear this sheer and feel like my skin is evened out.


My favorite go-to products lately (literally for all of 2019) have been from RMS. I got a mini palette this past winter and I’ve been SO impressed with the longevity and formulation. I know that I can trust that none of my RMS products will migrate anywhere I didn’t put it, even in extreme heat.

This RMS palette comes in 2 colour options. I would recommend the “pop” one. It’s basically a full face. You can use the burriti bronzer as eye shadow as well as bronzer. The magic luminizer is an amazing highlighter (just a dab on your cheek bones). It’s a very natural look, and probably my #1 favourite highlighter of all time. And there are two lip2cheek colors that I love. I personally would use the lighter pink for cheeks and the darker red for a sheer wash on the lips.


Mascara is a very personal item. It’s pure trial and error. What gives me raccoon eyes, may not give you raccoon eyes.

Ilia has a really awesome mascara that performs amazingly as a clean formula. I love the brush because there's a part that's like a comb. I use the wand with the comb facing down, and kind of twist it while swiping up. I find this formula really lengthening and holds a pretty decent curl. The only thing is that I find when it gets wet, it does sting the eyes, so wash off well before opening your eyes.

My favourite (not a green/clean brand, but cruelty free and the whole line will be vegan by 2020), is currently the Caution Mascara from Hourglass.


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