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Top 5 Most Reached For Makeup 😍

Updated: Jan 25

A huge part about the fun of makeup is finding the best of the best. The hunt for the ultimate Holy Grail product. These were my go-to products in 2021. Four of these were carry-over favorites that have not yet been bested by a new entrant. But for blush? I have so many favorites, but there was one from new indie brand, Minori, that I kept picking up more than the rest.

With these 5 products, you can have a full-face that's ready to face the day. And best of all? Tools are optional. I have also listed my runner-up faves as well, incase you're curious.

What were your top 5 products? Did you run into any duds? What works for one person, might not work for another, which is why there's Glou Marketplace - the perfect place to buy and sell your underloved beauty products. 😉

This generously sized blush has a beautiful, buildable, cream-to-powder finish. I have both shades of blush available from Minori, but I have a strong preference for Scarlet. It sounds like a scary RED RED shade, but I find it to be a true deep coral. For my full review and swatches check out the Youtube Minori review I did.

The only gripe I have is the little pot can be hard to get your finger into. I usually blend this out with my Nudestix brush, which fits perfectly into the pot.

This blush I found was the most "mask-proof" of the others in my collection, and its longevity is why I continue to pick it up over every other blush in my collection.

I reached for this over:

The double-sided brush is just brilliant. But so is the fact that this doesn't give me raccoon eyes ever, and it washes off without a fuss at the end of the day.

I reached for this over:

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara $29 (still a fave, but I try to stick to clean beauty for everyday, so this is just for special occasions)

Others I tried this year that could be great for others, but give me raccoon eyes:

This part highlighter, part contour, part blush wonder of a product is such a standout in my collection. I have it in two shades, but Peau de Pêche is the one I'm talking about. It effortlessly elevates any look and can be layered over or under other blushes and highlighters. It's a key layering piece that I cannot live without!

I just can't find something else that I like as much as my Boy Brow. It has just the right amount of tint and hold, and the brush disperses the perfect amount of product.

I reached for this over:

This foundation works with my combination skin perfectly. It's a great everyday foundation and is brilliant at neutralizing redness. It takes a while for it to sink into your skin (it can look a wee bit foundation-y upon application), but as the day goes on, it just *becomes* your skin. It becomes so completely undetectable, the only reason I know the foundation is still there after a full day of wear is because it will transfer onto a tissue.


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