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Ffern Autumn Fragrance: Unboxing and First Impressions

Ffern Autumn Fragrance with a yellow flower in the background

My First Impressions

Ffern's Autumn fragrance release has a beautiful dry down, and they totally nailed creating a vignette of inspiration.

I did not read anything about the fragrance online (other than it had fig), before I reviewed this seasonal release; so this is an almost blind first impressions.

The dry down is quite lovely, but I would have loved it more as a home fragrance. I could totally see this as a Byredo candle.

I love Ffern as a model for the future of responsible production and conscious consumption, and will continue to stay on the ledger - it was a great experience overall.

Unboxing and Detailed Review

Watch my full review and I'd love to know about your experience. Did you use up the whole bottle? What's the shelf life like for you? Did you get bored of this fragrance? Are you keeping it? Do you want to sell it? Would you sell and rehome it?

About Ffern

In case you are not familiar with this brand, they are an organic perfume maker based in Somerset, England. Ffern releases four perfumes per year, at the turn of the seasons. Strictly limited edition.


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