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Holy cow wow it's done

There are transformations like a new haircut, or a new outfit.

S//S basically went on a full Queer Eye style TRANSFORMATION.

There are so many new changes...

- No more manually submitting proof that you're a trusted seller! The improved reviews system, once it gets going, will help sort out the great sellers, from the bad sellers.

- S//Secure is the S//S money-back policy. If what was described, is not what you received, you'll get a refund. (You just have to report it within 3 days of delivery.)

- S//Swap matching!! No more manually seeking buyers or scrolling through ISO posts. It's all automated, y'all. Because it's 2018.

- Order management is next level because you can calculate shipping costs (USPS) and print your shipping label right from the site.

- And my eyes are going blurry from staring at my computer for the past week.... I'll explain all of the cool new features I've forgotten another time.

With all that said please bear with me. There are still glitches here and there. Feel free to point them out to me. With big red arrows and caps lock and neon lights. Or like, shoot me an email.

AND THANK YOU!!!! For believing in this lil start-up of start-ups.




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