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How much to sell your stuff for?

People on S//S are generally looking for find a good deal, so you want to set a price that's fair for you and for the buyer.

A good starting point is comparing the retail value of your item with what you paid.

How to calculate the retail value:

You want to find out the price per ounce by dividing the FULL SIZE VOLUME/FULL PRICE. Then you multiply that by the volume of the size that you have.

How to calculate what you paid for each item in a set:

1. First you need to calculate the full retail value of everything in your set/box by repeating the calculation above and totalling it up.

2. Then you need to calculate what percent each item contributes to the overall value. ($ Retail Value of Item / Total Retail Value).

3. Then you multiply that percentage by what you paid for the overall set.

For example, I purchased a Tatcha Obento Box, but I really only want to keep three of the four items. The item I want to list on the S//S Marketplace is the Dewy Luminous Facial Mist.

(Full Size Price / Full Size Volume) x (Item volume) = Retail Value of Item

Facial Mist:

($48 / 40mL) x 40 mL = $48

Item 2:

($52 / 20g) x 7g = $18.20

Item 3:

($68 / 50mL) x 10mL = $13.6

Item 4:

($68 / 50mL) x 10mL = $13.6

Total retail value of set = $48 + $18.20 + $13.60 + $13.60 = $93.40

Price paid for all items: $64

$48/$93.50 = 51%

0.51* $64 = $32.64

Therefore someone is most likely willing to pay near the $30 mark for the item. The mini/travel size of the item is $20 for only 12mL, so for nearly 4x the product for only $10, it's a pretty good deal!

OR...instead of doing all the math you can download this handy dandy spreadsheet and fill in the information in the pink boxes. Don't forget to go File > Make Copy, to save in your own Google Drive.

After all that, you can get a better idea of how much the item cost you and how much someone might be willing to pay for it.

I hope this helps!




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