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How to package for shipping

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

The first thing to consider is how delicate your item is. Is the jar made out of glass? Plastic? Pressed powders tend to require a little extra TLC so they don't get damaged during their journey.

Personally, I love these bubble mailers from Amazon for small items because they're only $0.16 each and they're easy to write on with any kind of pen.

Before you seal the envelope or box for good, make sure that the lids are nice and tight.

If there is potential for spillage, put into a sandwich bag, or wrap in some napkins

Don't forget you can always recycle old packaging. Things I reuse:

- Kraft paper from my Sephora online orders. It's great for wrapping things, and if you crinkle it up, it makes for eco-friendly, recyclable cushioning.

- Sheets of bubble wrap of all sizes (bubble wrap can be easily cut to new sizes)

- Tissue paper that come with in-store purchases

- Subscription boxes of all sizes. I peel off my personal information, and wrap the whole thing in brown paper like a big ol' present before affixing postage and shipping information.

bubble wrap, mail, makeup, glass
Save little bubble wrap sleeves!

bubble wrap sub swaps
This came in the bottom of one of my Sephora online order boxes

sephora go for it packaging
Crinkle paper that came in my Sephora Favorites kit


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