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Is it safe to buy makeup, skincare, beauty products from people online? | How to sanitize makeup

Disclaimer: As always, Glou Marketplace is a platform for beauty lovers to connect and transact. All information below are suggestions and transactions are at your own risk. We believe that buying new products from other people creates less waste, by creating less demand for new product. It is also an affordable way to try new products without committing to the full retail price, and is safer than using testers in stores.

The truth is, it all comes down to your personal risk tolerance. There is no way to guarantee contamination-free beauty products when you buy from anyone who is not the direct brand or authorized retailer. But even then, I've seen people open up makeup packages in store to take a peak at the product. 🤦‍♀️ I'm undecided on whether or not these people are worse than the ones I've seen try lipstick from the bullet or the tester mascara. 😱

However, there are many reasons you would want to buy pre-owned beauty products. Maybe someone got it in a subscription box, or as part of a gift set. Sometimes people buy a little too much during a sale. And other times, you've held onto an unopened product just past the store's return date.

Or maybe you've just changed your mind about a palette you've swatched, but never ended up using. Returning the product would guarantee a one way ticket to landfill.

Or perhaps a product you love comes from a brand that's come under fire recently or been "canceled". You're uncomfortable giving more money to that brand, so buying the product off someone else who doesn't love it is a great option.

Whatever your reasons may be, beauty lovers everywhere are rehoming their products.

Makeup artists have processes to clean products between clients. We recommend that you emulate some of these practices when selling and receiving gently used or swatched products.

Pressed powders/palettes:

- Spritz the top layer of product with alcohol and then let dry

- Wipe off the top layer of product with an alcohol wipe

Items that come in a pump:

- With an alcohol wipe, wipe down the nozzle

Items with reusable applicators (eg. lipgloss, mascara):

- These items should not be purchased in any condition other than new

- The only way to ensure sanitary use between people is to use disposable applicators

Items that come in a jar

- Again, anything you stick your fingers directly into, cannot be sanitized properly

- Use a clean or disposable spatula to scoop product out of the jar

Solid cream products (eg. lipstick, foundation sticks)

- Wipe off the top layer of product and then dip the entire bullet into alcohol


- Just sharpen away the exposed product

And if you've ever wondered about how sanitary testers are... this video is a must watch!


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