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My 2 Power Tools for Zapping Summertime Spots

I love being able to spend lots of time in the sun, but with the melting pot that is my face, pimples/zits/spots whatever you call them, happen.

These two have been my power tools to zap spots.

My first line of defence is this serum I fell in love when I got a travel size in my Allure Beauty Box subscription. I then proceeded to try the rest of the Vinopure line, but this serum is the hero product for sure. This stuff helps dissolve all the accumulated oil and gunk from my pores to help prevent spots from happening in the first place.

But when a spot is starting to rear it's head, this is my go-to product. Coming in at a whopping $3.49. This stuff means business. At a 10% concentration this is twice as strong as most typical benzoyl peroxide topicals (including Glossier's Zit Stick).


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