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This holiday season do you want MORE MONEY and LESS cLuTtEr?!

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Well, you have a big ol' pile of money sitting on your vanity right now! That over flowing beauty drawer? That bin of "bought it because it was on sale but I'm never gonna use it" stuff? The subscription box repeats? There's a fellow beauty lover out there who wants it

It's not doing you any good just collecting dust!

S//S is a beauty lover to beauty lover marketplace. THE only online destination to shop, swap and sell makeup and beauty items.

Here's how it works:

📸) Snap a pic

📝) Fill in mandatory questions

⏳) Wait for a buyer

💰) Get money straight to your bank account

📦) Print off shipping label and pop in mail

It's kind of silly that in 2018 there's a marketplace for everything, EXCEPT for beauty. Yeah, we know. Why didn't anyone think of this? Oh yeah, because of the gender gap in tech... ANYWAYS, here we are. A team of lady beauty lovers helping beauty lovers.

Except right now we are completely reliant on YOU and your good taste to furnish the site with goodies for sale.

>> <<

The site is just sitting there in cyberspace waiting for you. There it is.



Collecting cyber dust.

Like your sell-able stuff.

We are currently upgrading the site to be faster to post lots of items, and streamline some repetitive steps. We really do listen to the feedback we get and take action on them. So if you're one of our early users, you really will be helping shape the site.

See you on the S//S Marketplace!!


Karen and the S//S team


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