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Top 5 Most Reached for Skincare Products 😍

Updated: Jan 25

Do you have skin goals for 2022? Take it from this skincare obsessive these five products are worth the coin. It was so hard to pick because I have so many favorites, but these are the top 5 I kept reaching for over and over and over again in 2021. (With some shout-outs to other faves because I can't help myself!)

It kills me (and my wallet) how much I love this serum. I am so skeptical over skincare marketing claims, and I had this mini sitting in my collection for months before I finally decided to try it. It was love at first drop. The formula is so silky smooth, and deeply hydrating. So much so, in fact, you don't even need to follow-up with a moisturizer. Just put a few drops and off to bed you go!

After a couple days, I couldn't believe my eyeballs. My skin looked AMAZING. A week later? I felt like I could roll out of bed and out the door bare-faced. It was like someone put a filter on my skin. This shit is witchcraft. (AKA science).

I honestly haven't seen my skin look so good since I did micro-needling, and a bottle of this stuff is cheaper than going in for a treatment. And at the end of the day, both stimulate your skin's natural collagen production. The full-size of this product is only 15ml, when 30ml is the standard. So if you're going to compare to the price of your usual go-to serum, this is actually more like $338. It's stupid expensive. I know this post is titled "most reached for skincare products", so how much of this stuff could I have possibly gone through? Not much. Since my initial trial period, I've saved this for only one or two nights per week. But let me tell you, if I could afford to pick this up every night, I would. It's worth every penny.

I have a medicine cabinet full of masks, and I have many favorites, but this one has been a stand-out this year. It leaves my face SO SOFT. This is not like any other clay mask you've ever had, and I couldn't believe my skin when I rinsed it off the first time. The clay had dried, and I was expecting my skin to feel a bit dry due to the deep cleansing nature, but no. If I blindfolded you, I swear you wouldn't be able to tell my face and a baby's bottom apart.

Other products I adore from Grown Alchemist include their enzyme exfoliant $69 (tied with Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask as fave exfoliating mask), their gel cleanser ($39), and age repair moisturizer ($99 and it's the product I reach almost as often as the next on this list!).

No surprise this makes my list once again. Or perhaps, it is a surprise considering how many skincare products I have. However, I keep reaching for this night, after night, after night. And, I've been doing so for years at this point. The magic in this cream for me is how hydrated my skin looks in the morning. I use this baby as my night cream and wake up with perfectly plump, texture-free skin (my old acne scars are visible when my skin is dehydrated). This is one of only two products I have lost count of how many times I have repurchased.

I'm also a big, big fan of Youth to the People's cleanser ($36), and day cream ($48).

The other product I've lost count of? This facial oil!! At the moment I have 8 facial oils that I can choose from, and this one is the reason why the other 7 appear to be bottomless. I always buy the smallest version of this facial oil because I've had issues with Herbivore products going bad on me. This oil balances my combination skin, and is the perfect consistency. Not too thick, not too thin. It's just right. Always.

This serum is about to join the ranks of the aforementioned previous two. I cannot go more than three days without using this serum because my pores will be screaming for it otherwise. This is the serum I pick (after putting down the Bioeffect one with a sigh) and wear under the YTTP Dreamberry Mask. I've had other exfoliating serums that I've used at night, but this one has worked the best with my skin. I have also recommended it to friends who have been struggling with mask-ne, and they too have become converts.


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