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What is considered safe to sell?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

- Anything that is new and unused, you're good to go. But remember, new means you have not touched it with even your finger. Once your finger is on it, you need to disclose the item as swatched.

- Unless it's brand new, anything with a wand is a general no-no. There is no way to clean a lipgloss or mascara.

- Pressed powder can be sanitized. You can wipe the top layer off with a tissue and spritz the pan with some rubbing alcohol.

- Lipsticks/stick products can be sanitized. Wipe the top layer off and dip the bullet into a shot glass of rubbing alcohol.

- Products that are in a pump are great because they aren't exposed to as much air and you don't make direct contact with the bulk of the product.

- Products in a jar... it depends. It's up to your best judgement. Personally, I'm okay using blush from a jar, but I'm a little more wary of a used moisturizer, where someone would have dipped their fingers in and out of a jar.

- Pencils/ products you can sharpen are awesome because all you really have to do is sharpen the outer layer away.

Again, these methods may not be 100%, but buying something swatched from one other person is still way less gross than trying on makeup at the store (in my opinion). (You don't have to spend long inside a makeup store to see someone put lipstick on their lips, or even mascara straight from the floor sample to their eye.)

If you are still uncomfortable with the idea of not buying something with zero risk of contamination, rehomed makeup may not be for you. But if you have ever had your makeup done using makeup that wasn't yours (department store counter for example)... it's not much different from buying from a trusted seller.

How long do products last? Here's a guide to makeup expiration dates.


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