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Which Sol de Janiero cream reigns supreme?

Updated: May 18, 2020

I have had a years long love affair with my Bum Bum cream. The first time I tried it, the scent was like a slap of BEACH in the face. But, I soon fell in love with the way the scent develops. I love the Cheirosa '62 scent so much I keep the candle of it next to my bed. If I walk by my mother after putting on the Bum Bum, she will make a point to ask me what "stinks". So, be forewarned, Bum Bum is not for everyone. And probably, neither are any of Sol de Janeiro's products (except the new unscented body cream)

I have since purchased most Sol de Janiero's line as newness is released. However, my enthusiasm has slowed because I have only found one other product I've loved as much as the original and that's the Glowmotions tinted body oil in Copacabana Bronze. (In the summer, I don't really leave the house without putting some on my exposed skin so as not to blind people with my ghost-like complexion.)

Their most iconic products are their colourful tubs of body cream. Here are my thoughts on each of them:

I can't count how many mini tubs of this stuff I have had and gone through over the years. A lot. I don't travel without the stuff. Mostly because the scent reminds me of my bed at home, and I like to keep that olfactory sensory familiarity on hand.

The product itself is a great moisturizer. I wouldn't use it on any cracked skin because it is heavily fragranced, but it's great to maintain beautiful and soft skin year round.


A lot of people like this one. I'm just not one of them. I do like the reformulated version more than the original. The original smelled like popcorn - not a little bit, but a lot. I swiped some on my arm in-store and drove all the way home with my hands stuck to the steering wheel. The stuff was so tacky, I felt like I was driving with Winnie the Pooh paws after a big pot of honey. The worst part was that even after a shower I continued to smell like popcorn and my car smelled like the stuff for days afterwards.

The reformulated scent, is more coconut and less popcorn, and surprisingly, more subtle than before. (Yes, the original really was that smelly.) It's a fresh coconut scent with some sweet, nuttiness to it.

This has a jello-gel like texture. It claims to provide up to 72 hours of hydration and I can believe that to an extent. If you try and add water to this stuff, it slimes right up. Which I interpret as, yes, it will draw and keep moisture to your skin for a length of time.

Now, it's biggest fault is its stubborn stickiness. If you apply just a little too much you feel tacky. If you apply it sparingly on your body, it's not a problem. It will sink in after a few minutes and won't be sticky anymore. But the hand(s) you used to apply, will definitely need a rinsing, there's no way around it.


Since I bought it, I've tried really hard to love it. The scent is described as "crisp, clean", but I find it sharp and fruity. The scent is too sweet, fruity, and reminiscent of pink car freshener. It's not offensive, it just lacks a depth. Keep in mind that I prefer gourmand, spicy, fresh scents over anything fruity or floral, so this is entirely personal preference.

As an actual cream, it looks like it would be rich and thick, but it is surprisingly lightweight. I find I need less product to cover my body than with Bum Bum, but more than Coco Cabana. What I love is that the product sinks in immediately upon application, and leaves zero residue.


If you've been intrigued by these tropically coloured pots, I would highly recommend getting a sample before committing. Another things worth noting is that both the Bum Bum and Acai creams have mica so they have a subtle glow to them. They aren't cheap, but fortunately, can often be found in discounted bundles on Sol de Janiero's website.


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