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A Consumer-to-Consumer Marketplace for Giving Beauty Products a New Life

PRESS RELEASE | March 15, 2022, Boston, MA 

A collage of makeup, skincare and beauty products.

Glou Beauty is making beauty more accessible and directing the industry to a greener future while they’re at it.  With Earth Day coming up, so many beauty lovers have environmental health on their minds. Balancing this with a passion for beauty can be tricky. Testing out endless makeup, skincare, hair care and other products isn’t just a burden on your wallet, but the planet…until Glou Beauty!


Glou Beauty is the first and only consumer-to-consumer marketplace dedicated exclusively to makeup, skincare and beauty products. Through their unique platform, Glou Beauty connects consumers, who have excess or underloved beauty products that no longer work for them, with other consumers, who are looking for those very same products. As products are second hand, either pre-owned and still brand new in box or gently swatched, they’re available at a price point lower than what is typically seen in retail, allowing consumers to test out different beauty brands and products at an accessible price point. With an anti-counterfeit policy and plenty of sample size options, Glou Beauty is the perfect platform for discovering new beauty brands and trying products from your wishlist. 


With Glou Beauty handling the majority of seller logistics that make other platforms a headache, such as uploading (simply bulk upload photos of products you wish to sell and let Glou Beauty’s image recognition algorithm do the rest!), the process is quick and easy for buyers and sellers alike.


“The best way we can honor Earth Day is to make a commitment to consider each purchase we make going forward. Beauty has really fallen behind on adopting greener practices on a whole, which is why it’s important to give consumers a destination to turn every beauty product purchase into a sustainable one,”  said Karen Lee Founder and CEO of Glou Beauty.  “There’s so much excess in the beauty space that the vast majority of the products listed on Glou Beauty are brand new and are easily available to shop 365 days a year, not just on Earth Day! Earth Day is simply a reminder on what we as consumers should be practicing everyday”. 


Glou Beauty’s one of a kind structure is a uniquely environmentally friendly option as it both minimizes waste and maximizes the useful life of a beauty product.  In the context of an era where planet health and sustainability is of utmost importance and consumption is at a peak, Glou Beauty offers a solution and helps change the way we shop, and consider the whole lifecycle of the beauty products we buy. This Earth Day, you can be confident your dollar is supporting the Earth’s health with Glou Beauty.

To learn more, visit Glou Beauty website and follow Glou Beauty on Instagram.


About Glou Beauty

Built by beauty lovers, for beauty lovers, Glou Beauty is a consumer-to-consumer marketplace that makes it easy for people to buy and sell makeup, skincare and beauty products. Founded by fellow beauty lover Karen Lee, Glou Beauty is setting the new standard when it comes to conscious beauty consumerism. Lee is on a mission to discourage hyperconsumption beyond just sustainable recycling and is taking her company one step further by advocating reduce and reuse. With zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products, people can enjoy a seamless shopping experience and feel good about the products they buy.  Learn more at

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February 15, 2022 |  Second Hand Becomes First Choice with Glou Beauty

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