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A Marketplace for Conscious Consumers to Rehome Underloved Beauty Products

PRESS RELEASE | Feb 15, 2022, Boston, MA 

A hand holding a face serum over a recycling can.

Glou Beauty is reimagining e-commerce for beauty lovers in an age of conscious consumerism. Glou Beauty is the first and only consumer-to-consumer marketplace dedicated exclusively to makeup, skincare and beauty products.


In the last two years, consumer-to-consumer e-commerce for beauty and personal care has seen volumes only outpaced by fashion. This appetite for secondhand goods is largely driven by consumers’ desire to save money and reduce their environmental impact.


“We are the first beauty company to approach sustainability by not selling anything to consumers, but rather rehoming  all the great makeup, skincare and beauty products that are already out there," said Karen Lee, founder and CEO of Glou Beauty. 


Glou Beauty is advocating and supporting the movement of sustainability and mindful consumption.  With global resale being set to reach $77 billion USD by 2025, and the rise of hugely successful and niche resale marketplaces like GOAT for sneaker lovers and The Real Real for luxury fashion,  there has never been a better time for the launch of a specialized beauty marketplace. 


As the first and only consumer-to-consumer marketplace exclusive to beauty products, Glou Beauty provides a quick and seamless shopping experience. Glou Beauty allows sellers to bulk upload photos and uses image recognition to identify products, drastically reducing the time it takes for sellers to create listings - a far cry from the messiness and logistical headaches of a typical marketplace. Buyers can find a selection of verified brands, from Fenty Beauty to Tatcha - all at super-sale prices from trusted sellers.


“As someone guilty of buying one too many lipsticks or serums, I recognized an opportunity to create a centralized marketplace tailored to the needs of beauty consumers,” said Lee. “I am excited to launch a platform that beauty lovers can trust and love because we really listened to feedback and worked upon addressing all the pain points of the alternatives people were resorting to."

To learn more, visit Glou Beauty website and follow Glou Beauty on Instagram.


About Glou Beauty

Built by beauty lovers, for beauty lovers, Glou Beauty is a consumer-to-consumer marketplace that makes it easy for people to buy and sell makeup, skincare and beauty products. Founded by fellow beauty lover Karen Lee, Glou Beauty is setting the new standard when it comes to conscious beauty consumerism. Lee is on a mission to discourage hyperconsumption beyond just sustainable recycling and is taking her company one step further by advocating reduce and reuse. With zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products, people can enjoy a seamless shopping experience and feel good about the products they buy.  Learn more at

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